Why with us

Experience, knowledge and confidence = path to success

Expo Biro has more than 20 years successfully fulfill its mission and vision. Through all these years we have gained experience and knowledge, and we have built trust with its customers, which is now in the implementation of services and projects in an uncertain environment what is very important.
Expo Biro can be a key partner for you to success, as it has a wealth of experience and extensive knowledge in the field of event organization, production tarpaulins, prefabricated grandstands, scaffolding, decorations and accessories and storage tents.

Project approach

Expo Biro in his many years of functioning accumulated a lot of experience, has a great professional team, in addition, cooperates with a wide partner network of domestic and foreign experts from various fields. In all phases of the project we will accompany you that together we will achieve the objective.

We listen to you 

Most important to us is that our customers are satisfied and that at the end of the project we all achieve the objective. Therefore we listen to your wishes and ideas, all this combined with our guidance, which is the basis and guarantee of quality service. It is very important that we involve in the planning of projects in its initial phase, because with our years of experience we save every annoyance in the later stages of the project. Long-term contractual partnership brings with it the assurance that our services will get the best price and quality.

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